Castles In The Sky

2nd Unit Cinematographer

Castles In The Sky is a completely new approach to surf filmmaking. Filmed in five countries over three years, the movie delves into the true heart of the locations while the surfers travel through them with a sense of open-minded awe. Castles In The Sky pioneers new coastlines on every corner of the globe, dives into the cultural stew of global exploration and brings it all to life through a visual whirlwind of inspiration. With never-before seen waves, an original score, and some of the best surfers in the world contributing their art, passion and athleticism, this is as close to the experience of pioneering new coastlines as you can get without getting on a plane! Dane Reynolds in Iceland. Rob Machado in Peru. Dave Rastovich in India. Jordy Smith in Africa. These are just a few of the adventures forming Castles In The Sky.