Filmmaker // Director // Cinematographer // Editor // Producer


This is Matthew Bokor,

I am a filmmaker. I direct, shoot, edit and produce. This is my personal page where you'll see some of my experience and some of my current projects.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired!

Thank you!

Matthew Bokor

Matthew Bokor began his creative endeavors at a young age, with aspirations of becoming a cinematographer. Matthew's passion and determination to his craft quickly put him in the company of some of the best cinematographers in the film industry. Cinematographers such as Taylor Steele (Shelter), Todd Heater (The Drifter, Sipping Jetstreams) and Matt Beauchesne (Scratching the Surface) mentored Matthew and have molded him into one of the best Directors in the business today.

In 2009, Matthew's work and love of surfing, travel & culture peaked the attention of surf world giant, Director/Producer, Taylor Steele. Taylor invited Matthew on a trip to Africa and the two visionaries embarked on an expedition to finish filming the three-year Travel/Surf documentary Castles In The Sky. Immediately following this month long sabbatical, Matthew flew to Bali, Indonesia to help Taylor edit the film at Sipping Jetstreams Studios.

Castles In The Sky was nominated for 5 awards at the 2011 X-Dance Film Festival and won the Best Cinematogrpahy award at the 2010 SURFER Poll Awards. Castles also won Most Visionary Documentary at the Maui Film Festival.

Matthew has directed and shot films in locations all over the world for clients such as GUESS, Billabong, Quiksilver, Subaru and TransparentSea. Matthew has always felt honored to work side by side with the biggest names in the surf industry. Athletes like Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Dave Rastovich, Jordy Smith, Craig Anderson and Shane Dorian. Those who have followed his filmmaking evolution know that his best work is yet to come.